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Owner/Lead Trainer

I'm the owner /lead trainer here at Front Porch Fitness.  I have been married to my beautiful wife for over 16 years and we have two beautiful daughters.  I have been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2017.  Before that I worked ten years at Carlisle hospital as a rehab aide in outpatient physical therapy.  My love for fitness goes back to my childhood. I was a year round athlete and I enjoyed playing football, basketball, and baseball


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When Donnie approached me about being the manager of Front Porch Fitness I couldn't say no.  I have over six years of training experience and three years of gym manager experience.  While I take on the role of manager I will also continue to grow my traveling personal trainer business and help those that can not make it into the gym.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to lead such an amazing and talented team while continuing to help the members of our community reach their goals.




Assistant Manager/Client Care

I have been involved in fitness since I was a young teenager doing fitness videos and running with friends for fun.  Fitness has always been a fun pastime for me. I even conned Donnie into running 5ks with me even before we were dating.

I love being able to spend my time supporting my husband's passion for helping people and I look forward to being able to continue to have fun with like minded people



I'm so excited to be teaching fitness again after a Covid hiatus!  I have ten years of personal training and group fitness, but I have a special love for teaching spin and yoga classes. Helping people be happier as themselves is one of my favorite parts of training and awesome side effects of exercise.  Thanks for allowing me to join you at Front Porch Fitness

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I'm excited to be bringing years of experience in the health field of physical therapy, yoga, and strength training to Front Porch Fitness. My main role at Front Porch Fitness will be leading bootcamp and yoga classes.  Making time for myself has become a priority which has had immeasurable payoffs in my mental and physical health. When we are good to ourselves, we can be even better for others.  When I'm not working, I can be found on the trails, lifting in my gym, cooking, or in search of live music and a cold beer.  Supporting me along the way are my two sons, hubby, and two dogs, whom I love deeply!



I am certified as a NASM personal trainer and Women’s Fitness
Specialist. Growing up an athlete, I learned at a young age the importance physical fitness played in a person’s life. Being reintroduced to the fitness industry in 2016, it quickly became a passion that I decided to turn into a career. My main goal is to show my clients how living an active lifestyle not only improves their physical health, but their mental health as well. The biggest reward for me as a trainer is giving my clients the chance to feel confident in their own skin by customizing individual training programs to meet their own personal goals and watching them exceed their own expectations.




Born and raised in Greencastle, I recently moved back to the area after receiving a degree in Musical Theatre in NYC.  While my first passion is performing I have developed a true love for personal training and fitness in the last few years.  After discovering how important fitness was for my physical and mental health I decided to join Aaron at AMC Personal Training. While I will still be working with Aaron, I'm also looking forward to coaching at Front Porch Fitness, My main goal is to help other discover that moving their bodies improves their stress levels, mental health and confidence

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